About Us

The Military Coworking Network was conceived in 2016 by a small group of military spouses based at Leuchars Station in Scotland, who wanted to do something to improve their situation and change their futures. They believe that if they had some where they could go to work and a strong professional network to tap into, it would make life significantly easier for military spouses everywhere. The first military coworking hub opened in Leuchars Station in 2017.

In the 2 years since the hub in Leuchars opened it had a transformational impact on the local military community. All members using the hub reported:

  • decreased levels of loneliness
  • increased productivity
  • increased happiness
  • a stronger sense of belonging

Military spouses in Leuchars started businesses, found jobs with local employers, signed up for educational courses, and relationships with local employers and members of the local community were strengthened.

Breaking Down Barriers

The hubs provide a doorway for civilians to walk through; an entrypoint to allow employers and members of local communities to meet, talk and engage with the people living on the military bases in their towns and villages.

They enable civilians to access our knowledge, skills and talents and for us to share and support theirs.  


The whole project so far has been run by volunteers without any funding because we wanted to show what we could do just using the skills and abilities within our own community. We’ve proved military spouses really are amazing and we’ve achieved so much but we now have enquiries from military spouses all over the UK who want a hub and we need help to grow and scale the model.

We want to build a foundation to run the hubs so we can offer all the services, signposting and support that military spouses need. We’re looking for private sector organisations who might want to lend their professional expertise, advice and financial support to help us grow the concept and create a real impact.  

Our aim is to have one of these hubs in every military base in the UK and overseas. We also want to export the concept world-wide – imagine if military spouses all over the world were connected via their own professional network? How amazingly powerful would that be?  

We need resources and support to help us create a business plan, calculate costings and develop the offer. If your organisation has signed the Armed Forces Covenant and you want to create real social value for the armed forces community and think you can help please get in touch.

We’re military but we’re not!

We think non-serving members of the military community are AWESOME. We’re constantly blown away by their stoicism, positivity, humour and ingenuity.   The word Dependant is banned in the coworking hubs. This is the only time you will EVER see it used. Military spouses are non-serving members of the military community. They might not be paid by the Ministry of Defence for their service and they aren’t going to be expected to fight and make the ultimate sacrifice but their lives, and the lives of their children are every bit as much in service to our country.   The military culture is our culture and its values are our values but we leave rank and service at the door.   We don’t really care whether your partner is in the Navy, Army or Royal Air Force and we definitely don’t care what rank they are.  

We are and all inclusive, multi-cultural and diverse community

We are proud to have a culturally rich and gender diverse network. We value all our members, connecting those who are disconnect seeking professional opportunity and support. 

Why join us?

Running your own business is really hard work. 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months but the military lifestyle can make it an even greater challenge. Being a member of or being married to a member of the military can involve sacrificing career advancement and opportunities for educational achievement. The stability and social connections that come with being settled in the same community often aren’t available to members of the armed forces community and But imagine if you ran your own business, if you worked for yourself? If you had a business you could take with you. That would be truly transformational. We want spouses, veterans and the children of members of the armed forces to be professionally successful. We also want to help negate the impact that being connected with the military has on so many careers. That’s why we’ve created a space where micro business owners and people with an idea can go to get the support of others and access all the resources available locally to others to help them fulfil their dreams.